The videos are available from React.js Conf 2016. Highlights include:

  1. React.js Conf 2016 - Nick Schrock - Keynote - where React and React Native have been, where they are, and where they are going in the future.
  2. React.js Conf 2016 - Ben Alpert - What Lies Ahead - In the last few years, React has exploded in popularity, now supporting hundreds of thousands of developers on the web. React also lies at the heart of React Native, which has made it easier than ever to build native mobile apps.
  3. React.js Conf 2016 - Lin Clark - A Cartoon Guide to the Wilds of Data Handling - I'm going to walk you through the wilds of data handling in react. I call it “the wilds” because when you first look at the landscape, it seems to be overflowing with an untamed profusion of different options. The boundaries between these options aren't clear, and it's hard to see why you'd want to pick any one in particular.
  4. React.js Conf 2016 - Eric Florenzano - React, Meet Virtual Reality - After a short moment in the 90s, Virtual Reality faded away. Now in 2016, VR is coming back in a big way. Games are leading the charge, but with millions of headsets pouring into the marketplace over the next few years, how can React web and app developers get involved? Can React even handle the screaming-fast performance requirements of VR? Spoiler: it can.
  5. React.js Conf 2016 - Lightning Talks - Andy Matuschak (Touch Gestures) - some history on iOS gestures and the future of React.
  6. React.js Conf 2016 - Helena Milosevic - Demystifying Tech Recruiting - The recruiting process employed by major technology companies can often seem like a black box. In a pretty untraditional type of talk for a JavaScript conference, I will dive deep into exactly how the process works at Facebook in order to give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare if you ever decide to apply for a major technology company.